Overview of NORTHERN PHOENIX Phoenix Hotels

Northern Phoenix is largely residential, with small pockets of commercial development. Notably, the Desert Ridge Marketplace has 110 acres of outdoor shops and restaurants, a rarity in Phoenix's desert climate. Beyond Northern Phoenix, hikers of every experience level can explore the local flowers and cacti of the Sonoran Desert through the system of trails within the 2,900 acre Cave Creek Regional Park, and staying in North Phoenix hotels offers a wide selection of restaurants along with proximity to nature.

The Saguaro cactus grows in only three regions of the world: a small sliver of Baja California, Mexico's Sonora, and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. This singular fact is reason enough for visitors of Northern Phoenix to explore the surrounding nature. The northern part of the city is nearest to the Sonoran Desert, and when visitors are staying in north Phoenix hotels for work or vacation, locating close to the National Parks is ideal.

Hyatt Place off of 25th Avenue offers upscale accommodations for visitors interested in luxury. Through promotions, it also provides great Phoenix hotel deals, from time to time, for those on a more limited budget. The hotel caters to a smoke free environment and gives full room service upon request for the cleanest rooms in town. It is located in one of the small northern pockets that have been developed for business. It also offers a straight shot on I-17 into the Desert for hiking enthusiasts looking to get into the wild quickly.

Embassy Suites is the best economy option that still provides leisure. Further north than Hyatt place, Embassy Suites is only a fifteen-minute drive from the Ridge Marketplace. The outdoor mall has a shop for every acre of land, and there are so many dining options it can be hard to decide where to go. In-N-Out Burger, a fast-food spin, is located within the mall, as well as a number of trusty sit-down eateries like California Pizza Kitchen and BJ's Brewhouse. Shopping retailers seem endless and an onsite AMC movie theater is a quick hop from the mall. With so many choices, people cannot go wrong finding a hotel nearby to the Desert Ridge Marketplace.

The north end of town has never been prided on its culture as much as downtown, but it does provide many reliable and well-known hubs for people who prefer to spend their time in Nature, or those here on business who do not have time to explore for hidden gems. With many new developments, North Phoenix provides a clean environment and an easy-to-navigate road system.

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